Caragonne and Associates, LLC
Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC Caragonne and Associates, LLC
Caragonne and Associates, LLC
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CARAGONNE AND ASSOCIATES, LLC is headed by Penelope Caragonne, PhD, CLCP (CHCC Certified Life Care Planner) and Keith Sofka, ATP (RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Provider). The company now serves a US, Mexico and Latin American client base from locations in Guadalajara, MX and Dallas, TX.

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      Caragonne and Associates, LLC  

INTERNATIONAL LIFE CARE PLANNING Since moving to Mexico twelve years ago, international life care planning is now a significant aspect of work at Caragonne and Associates. While we continue to develop plans for disabled individuals in the United States, we are now requested by US plaintiff and defense firms to develop and price life care plans for persons either returning to or already residing in Mexico or Latin America. Our plans, as always, are carefully researched, evidence-based, well-documented, based on direct interaction with Mexican or Latin American vendors, with all prices substantiated through written bids. We complete plans using the currency of the individual�s home country and convert these costs to their US equivalent. We also provide wage research data and data on the historical rate of inflation, often coordinating with US economic forensic experts.


CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES  Now offers services to individuals with disabilities returning to or living in Mexico. We provide assistance by traveling to and completing a needs assessment at a person�s home. Our team is comprised of a physician, a social worker and rehabilitation engineer. During home visits, we evaluate physical function, home access and renovation needs, status of current equipment and needs for other equipment and technology. We produce a summary report of our findings. We identify, acquire, deliver and install a range of equipment, adapted transport, and other technology directly from our Mexican suppliers. We also coordinate surgeries and rehabilitation hospitalizations with Mexican hospitals, purchase and ship supplies and medications to an individual�s home, and coordinate acquisition of other needed Mexican medical disciplines and therapies. We locate attendant care and nurses (enfermeras or cuidadoras) and monitor the quality of care provided. Advocacy for disabled individuals is always a priority.

      Caragonne and Associates, LLC  

for disabled individuals, their family members, physicians, insurance carriers, schools, educators, businesses, hospitals, and employers.


ARCHITECTURAL ACCESS AND JOB-SITE MODIFICATION for individuals with disabilities requiring greater access to their homes, jobs and competitive employment, schools, community, recreational and leisure activities.

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